No matter the subject, one-on-one instruction makes a difference. Your teachers have set tutorial times, but they may not fit into your schedule, or they may have a teaching style that isn’t working for you.

I can tailor English Language Arts tutoring sessions to fit your particular needs, and adapt assignments to your learning style. And by making you a part of that process, you’ll be learning to do this on your own in the future.

Here are just a few ways English tutoring might work for you:


Remedial/General Assistance and Instruction: With one-on-one remedial instruction, I can help identify and bridge any gaps in learning that are holding you back, as well as reinforce what’s going on currently in the classroom to help you master the structure of the reading and writing processes.

Essays and Research Papers: Writing strategies like outlining, brainstorming, pre-writing, and editing are important, but often forgotten due to time constraints or a perception that they are not useful. I can help you move your essay through each step successfully, so the end result meets the requirements of the assignment.


Study Skills and Testing Strategies: A little study each day is better than cramming before a test, and strategies such as flashcards and self-quizzes up your chances for success. Good study skills involve planning, organization, time management, and prioritizing to make them manageable. I can help you come up with a study plan that works for you to stay on track and be prepared.

Advanced Placement English Exams: If you are preparing to take an AP English Language or Literature exam, I can help you learn to work through the test sections quickly, but effectively, and focus on the important concepts the College Board expects you to know.

SAT/ACT Test Prep: A successful score on a college entrance exam is about more than understanding the material in each subject area. It’s about understanding the test, and developing the best strategies to master it. It is also about time management, which is crucial to succeed on either the SAT or ACT. My focus when prepping students for these exams is on “working smarter, not harder” within a tight frame to maximize chances of getting the most answers correct.


If you simply need weekly assistance understanding, refining, and completing homework and studying for exams in Language Arts classes, I can help you complete your assignments on time and in an effective manner.

READY TO GET STARTED? Contact me at cynthia@coxtutoring.com, call or text at 832-735-0353, or use my contact page