“Our son spent years in both elementary and junior high getting substantial special education help.  He was also being placed into ‘team teach’ classes, or being pulled from class to go to the resource room, because  of unique learning differences and issues. We were fearful transitioning to high school that he would be left behind or become just a number.  Thankfully, we met Mrs. Cox, who almost immediately was able to gain our son’s trust; together they worked hard allowing him not just to survive, but in fact greatly thrive in his freshman year – excelling well beyond previous levels while taking 100% college prep courses and playing a varsity sport! Mrs. Cox’s communication with not only our son but with us was beyond all expectations.  She has become a trusted, valued and cherished friend and one whom we will continue to use in way of coaching, mentoring and teaching our son for the remainder of his educational career. Thanks so much! Highly recommended!” – Shawn, 9th grade parent

“Cynthia Cox is a miracle worker! After several years and several thousand dollars spent on other tutors, we finally found our answer with Cynthia. Cynthia made a connection with our granddaughter, which made all the difference in the world. While with other tutors our granddaughter would get help and do well on tests, she still just didn’t quite “get it.” Cynthia not only helped her “get it” but she also taught her how to self advocate and use tools especially useful for her particular learning challenge.  In turn, this helped her build her self confidence, turn a corner, and never look back! Our granddaughter will now ask questions in class and just has a better grip overall in all her subjects.If you need someone to help your child become successful in the classroom, Cynthia Cox is your answer.” – Pam, 11th grade grandparent

“Although I never really liked the subject of English, your class was awesome! I actually had fun in your class. Thanks for teaching us with such interesting assignments that made things fun. I liked your class a lot.” – James, 9th grade student

“Mrs. Cox is fun, energetic, and fair. It’s a very positive environment for her students. It’s refreshing to see a teacher that seems to genuinely enjoy what she does and enjoys working the kids. We are lucky to work with her!” – Lisa, 8th grade parent

“Thank you! You always have such a fun air about you that is infectious. Thank you for working one-on-one with me and all the other kids.” – Shannon, 10th grade student

“This is the first year I have gotten such high grades in English and it wouldn’t have been possible without you making it so much fun. Thank you for inspiring me this year!” – Zane, 8th grade student

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