Academic Coaching

About the Program

The Academic Life Coaching Program consists of 32 concepts delivered in 10 individual sessions that have been tested and refined over the past seven years to achieve real results. The Academic Life Coaching Program is designed to address:

  • Stress about grades
  • Disorganization and lack of motivation
  • Frustration in relationships (whether between parent/teen, teacher/student, or among peers)
  • Anxiety about college and/or other life decisions

The first three sessions of the program focus on helping students become more academically confident and effective. Students will discover their own personal learning style and work through exercises to help them understand how they can be successful in school.

The next three sessions focus on core life coaching skills and concepts. During the middle part of the program, students will learn how to take sustainable steps toward goals, identify and change perspectives, and align their values with their actions.

The final four sessions focus on communication and leadership skills. Students will develop personal mission statements and design personal leadership projects that align with their personal values.

Students in the program:

  • Achieve ambitious academic and athletic goals
  • Reduce stress
  • Create an individualized plan for the future
  • Improve relationships with parents, peers, and teachers
  • Learn skills that lead to effective, fulfilled lives

Why the ALC Program Works

Students thrive when working one-on-one with a trained Academic Life Coach, because the coach is able to tailor the concepts of the program to the student and the immediate circumstances the student is facing. As a result, students see immediate improvements as well as learn valuable concepts to apply later in their lives. Students not only learn the concepts but have to act on them as they incorporate what they’ve learned into their daily habits and lives.

The Academic Life Coaching Program is also proven to be successful. Created in 2004, hundreds of students have gone through the program and have offered their experience and feedback to refine and improve the program.

At the same time students are learning new skills, they also have the opportunity to work through old and unproductive habits. So often students are stressed out over grades and their performance, yet do not know their unique learning, thinking, or memory style.

Students often relate grades to their self-worth, but grades are merely a reflection of the system a student is using to study. Change the system, change the grades. As a result, a student’s self-esteem goes up and stress level goes down.

The Academic Life Coaching Program is designed to work with the whole family system. Students are encouraged to take ownership of the program and need to choose to do this kind of work for themselves. As a coach, I strive to keep everyone on the same page via email and reports on the concepts covered in the program, with information on how best to support your child.

How the ALC Program Works


  • 10 sessions scheduled over three months (we will meet once every other week)
  • Sessions can be either in-person, over the phone, or video conference
  • If in-person, we typically will meet at a coffee shop or a local library
  • Each session lasts 45 to 60 minutes
  • The coach and client will cover the Academic Life Coaching Program Curriculum
  • After each session, the coach will follow up with a short email describing the session notes and what was covered in the session, so everyone is on the same page with action steps and progress.

Getting Started

  • Contact a me for an initial interview and mini-session. The first step would be to set up an initial interview to meet with me and learn more about the Academic Life Coaching Program. You and your student will have an opportunity to experience two or three of the concepts from the program. It is a great way for students to learn more about the program and gain first-hand knowledge of what Academic Life Coaching is about.
  • Start the coaching process. Once you and your student have had an initial interview, it’s up to you both to decide if coaching is the right fit. If not, that’s okay. If it is, schedule your student’s next appointment and let the process begin!


The cost for the ten-week program is $800, payable in three installments on the first, fourth, and seventh sessions.

Custom Coaching

When students are already behind and in need of immediate assistance getting back on track, they may require a more personalized approach aimed at specific academic, ongoing struggles. Students with ADHD, Executive Functioning disorders, and others already overwhelmed by deficits in time management, organization, and motivation may benefit from this individualized approach. Coaching is accomplished through a weekly hour-long meeting as well as additional contact throughout the week via phone call, email, and/or text if needed to hold the student accountable for action steps planned during the coaching session. The cost for each session is $80 an hour. Payment for all the month’s sessions are due at the first session of the month.

READY TO GET STARTED? Contact me at, call or text at 832-735-0353, or use my contact page