How Day and Night Came Into Being

During the time before the sun, the people on Earth lived in terror in a cold, dark world with no light other than the fires they created. The Demon King ruled the Earth and tortured and hunted the humans with the other demons on Earth. The Gods in the sky could no longer stand watching the demons continue to torture the humans on Earth so they decided to have a council where all the gods came together to find a solution. 

“The humans on Earth continue to be tortured by the demons who think of humans as inferior creatures. ” said the god of the Sky.

“But, what can we do about it; the Demon King and the demons we created have grown stronger and have surpassed our strength.” said the god of the Sea.

The council broke into heated debate about what to do. In the middle of their discussion, the goddess of Earth appeared. The council grew silent.

“My children, to stop the demons you must come together and combine your powers to create a being stronger than any other, ” said the goddess of Earth, the mother to all living things on Earth.

The gods did as their mother had instructed and combined their powers, and a large spherical body of light and heat was created. Out of the light came a radiant man who looked as if he had skin made of gold. 

“Who are you?” questioned the god of the Clouds.

“I am the Sun; the combination of your powers. I am here to relieve the humans on earth of the Demon King.” said the Sun.

The Sun organized the gods and humans into an army, and with the Sun’s powers, they vanquished the Demon King’s army. The Sun now entered the Demon King’s palace, knowing the war was over. When the Demon King saw him he fell at his feet and begged him for mercy.

“Please, spare my life.” said the Demon King.

The Sun, being a merciful being, said “I will not only allow you to live, but I will also allow you to rule Earth with me – if you promise to not hurt the people of Earth. However, you will now have to live away from Earth on the Moon as a consequence of your crimes.”.

The Demon King agreed and became the Moon. The Sun turned the demons into animals and left the Earth to the humans to choose what to do. Every 12 hours the Sun exchanges power with the Moon during the night. That is how the cycle of Day and Night was created.

– C. Sai, Grade 7