Why Solar Eclipses Happen

Two billion years after the Big Bang, the Earth and the Moon were having a normal conversation until the Sun showed up.

“Isn’t it crazy how you orbit me and not that big bully?” asked the Earth.

“I know it’s so crazy. You’re a better celestial body to orbit,” said the Moon. 

And then, the Sun showed up.

“What’s up tiny spheres?” said the Sun.

“What do you want?” the Earth replied.

“To consume you and your little friend.”

“I’m not little,” said the Moon.“You’re not going to consume us.”

For the past few years, the Sun has been constantly bullying the Earth and Moon. They wanted to get revenge, but they didn’t know how. Then, they talked to Jupiter.

“What do you need?” said Jupiter.

“The sun has been bullying us for the past 5 years and we don’t know what to do,” said the Earth.

“I’ve got an idea, but it might not work.”

“We’ll do anything.”

Then Jupiter told them about his master plan. The plan was to use the moon to block out the Sun from the people on Earth. Then, they put this plan into motion. And it worked!

“Please stop doing this,” said the Sun. “I’ll do anything.”

“Well, we’re going to do it every once in a while to remind you of all the pain you caused us,” said the Earth.

“Yes, please do that.” said the Sun.

This is how Solar eclipses happen. They are here to remind the Sun of how much pain and suffering he has caused to the Earth and the Moon.

-R. Surabhi, Grade 7