Rufus and Orbo: The Story of  How Dogs Learned to Bark

Rufus was enjoying some fresh prehistoric dinosaur meat when he heard a loud crash, scaring away all the other dogs but him. Instead of going away from the noise he went towards it as he was a very curious dog. He saw what looked like a giant metal disc on the ground like a giant toy, making him happy. So he went to investigate what it was, but it wasn’t a toy, and even stranger there was a blue man on top of it who was not moving. He was just laying there, so Rufus decided to approach it. He tried licking the blood to see if it was edible but it tasted like old raisins, not very good food.

Rufus dragged him off the metal disc and under some rocks so he wouldn’t get wet and he sat there waiting for the mysterious being to do something interesting. As soon as he was about to leave, the alien started moving; he stood up on 2 paws perfectly like no dog Rufus had ever seen, so he decided to tap him to see if he was hostile. The alien, very confused, started making noises at the dog which sounded like WOOF WOOF WOOOOOF. Rufus had no idea what was happing at that moment but then he started making WOOF sounds, making him confused about what he was doing. Rufus then asked the alien’s name, leading to the first conversation he had ever had with anything.

Rufus: “WOOF WF WOOF WOOF.”  (What is your name)

The mysterious alien: “WF WOOF WF WOOFO” (My name is Orbo)

Rufus: “WOF WOF WF WOOOF WOOF WOOOOOF WOF” (Why can I speak this language now)

Orbo: “WOOOOF WOOF WOF WOF WOOOOOF WF” (Sounds like you are mimicking me)

Rufus: “WOF WF WOOOF WOF” (Why me mimic now)

Orbo: “WOOOOF WOOF WOOOF WOOOOOF WOF WOOF” (Because this first language you hear)

Rufus: “WOOF WF WOOF WOOOOF WOOOOF” (What is this language called)

Orbo: “WOOF” (Bark)

Rufus being content with that answer headed back to his pack to tell them the news 

Rufus: “WF WOOF WOOOOOF WOF” (We have language now!)

Pack members: *Confused staring*

Rufus: “WF WOOF WOOF WOF” (We have Bark now)

Pack members: “WOOF” (what?)

Pack members: “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOF” (Happy confused woof)

From then on dogs around the world started adopting the language of Bark all thanks to Rufus the dog, and for Orbo he flew off on his giant metal disc ready to find his next adventure.

-Y. Panjala, Grade 7