The Fire in Darkness

The Ember Terrain is where a great all-powerful god lives. His name is Sir Gallant. People call him Knight of Fire.

Before he came to be a knight he was a neurosurgeon who did surgery on people’s brains. At his home he had many awards and trophies not only for all of his successful surgeries, but also his skill at playing tennis and wrestling lions. He only became a doctor because of his uncle, and even though he was very successful at it he did not really enjoy it. He had always wanted to be a knight and go on adventures. So that’s how he became an all- powerful knight “Knight of Fire”.

Sir Gallant chose to be the Knight of Fire because he moved to an enchanted land called The Ember Terrain. The place is super dark but there’s a reason for that. It’s because they believed in the god Inferno. They light the place up with fire. Sir Gallant had read many stories about Inferno when he was a boy about how he had earned his magical ax, Blaze. 

Sir Gallant hoped some day he could earn his own magical weapon too. He also loved Harry Potter. 

All of a sudden,monsters were invading the land and Sir Gallant fought but he was outnumbered. The god Eclipse came and saved him. Sir Gallant was very impressed with Eclipse’s skills and asked if he would teach him some of his battle moves. But this offended Eclipse, who was insulted that a mere Knight would ask to be shown his secrets. “The only  way I could teach you is by throwing you into the sun,” said Eclipse. 

“WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” said Sir Gallant. 

“Yeah I’m a god what did you expect. Did you think I was going to give you a dog to make you learn responsibility.” Said Eclipse.

Sir Gallant thought carefully about what he should do next. He wanted to be an important knight, and how else could he become one unless Eclipse taught him his battle skills? Maybe he could survive being thrown into the sun, Sir Gallant thought. If I wear as much armor as I can put on, maybe he won’t be able to throw me that far, and he will still tell me his secrets. So he said “Nes.” “I mean yes”.Sir gallant asked for 10 min. He came back with a full suit of armor. Eclipse Said “I’m gonna pretend that you are not doing that.” Eclipse used his telekinesis to throw him into the sun. Sir Gallant thought he was so heavy that he wouldn’t be able to carry him, but he never thought about telekinesis.

The next thing he knew, he was wearing 200 pounds of armor and boiling in the heat of the sun. This made him immediately think of the god Inferno, so he called out to him, “Inferno! Save me!”

Inferno comes in and says “Why should I”. 

“because you’re the god of fire and I’M BOILING IN THE SUN!!!!”

“Did that stupid Eclipse throw someone else into the sun? I am getting really tired of having to save the mortals he tosses up there,” grumbled Inferno.

After Inferno saved him Sir Gallant felt this power inside of him. “This is amazing!” He exclaimed. “Does this mean I have the fighting skills of Eclipse now?” 

“Of course not!” Inferno roared. “He just tells people that so he has an excuse to throw them into the sun. You have fire powers now; anytime the sun shines on you, you will have superhuman powers. You’re like me.” sadly muttered Inferno. “But I have a quest for you”

“Yes Inferno”

“Recently I had a fight with a water god Floe, cousin of Poseidon. I need you to tell her that fire is better.”

“Should be easy enough”

“By fighting her.”


“You now have fire powers; if you do not defeat Floe to prove fire is better, she will never give up trying to defeat us.” 

“So where do I find her?” Sir Gallant asked. 


Sir Gallant had never heard of such a place. “How can it be so bad if it’s named ‘Nice Ice Land?’” he thought to himself. He accepted the challenge. 

Inferno told him he would provide him with two dragons to take with him on his journey. These dragons, named Kakashi and Naruto, could shoot fireballs with incredible aim. They would be a great help to him on his quest. 

“Unfortunately I have to go with you. On the worst land ever,” Inferno sighed. “I am not allowed to send anyone to Nice Ice Land without escorting them there. It is the law of the volcano gods who rule my island.” 

“That is why I have to come with you” said Inferno

“Rude”muttered Sir Gallant.

“What did you say?” Inferno asked.

“Nothing” Sir Gallant said nervously.

Of the two dragons, Naruto was the bigger one, so of course Inferno wanted to ride him. At first Sir Gallant was jealous about this, but once they were flying through the air he realized that Kakashi was much more cooperative and easy to fly. While he cruised the sky easily, Inferno was being bucked around and jostled by Naruto, who wanted to do tricks and flips in the air. “Aaaahhhhh! I mean – wheeeeee!” Inferno yelled, pretending to be having fun, but Sir Gallant knew he was having a hard time. 

“WE have come to this place. Oh no there is an obstacle course surrounded by fierce lions.”

No problem, Sir Gallant thought to himself. He had run obstacle courses on his horse many times. He didn’t think he would have too much trouble with this part of the challenge.

But – Naruto had other ideas. He took one look at the obstacle course, flared his nostrils, and with one breath shot fire at the entire thing and burned it to a crisp. 

“I’m not sure Floe is going to be happy about this,” Inferno muttered, but he patted Naruto on his head happily. “Good boy,” he whispered. 

“We were never here, got that.”said Gallant

“Yes. and stop acting like a leader. I’m the leader.” Inferno said sadly.

“Sure, of course you are,” said Sir Gallant. He wanted to ask which way they should enter the territory now that the obstacle course was gone, but he waited for Inferno to speak first. Inferno kept looking at him like he was waiting for Sir Gallant to speak….as time passed the dragons started getting antsy and puffing smoke out of their nostrils. Finally Sir Gallant could take it no more. He cleared his throat. 

“Ahem—er, maybe we should figure out another way to enter the land? What do you think?”

Inferno looked at him like he was crazy. “Why do you think we have to take another way? We are just going to walk right into the territory and pretend like the obstacle course was already burned before we arrived.” 

“Mhhm. How are we going to explain the dragons.”

The dragons are exploding fireballs out of their noses.

Inferno said “I’ll hide them in my invisibility cloak I brought.”

“YOU, WHAT!!!!!!!” screamed Gallant.

“Yeah, doesn’t everybody have one?” Inferno asked. 

“Um, no, they don’t,” said Sir Gallant. “I have heard about them but I’ve never even seen one.”

Inferno rolled his eyes. “Of COURSE you haven’t SEEN one, it’s INVISIBLE.” 

“I didn’t even know you brought one” said Gallant

“ ‘cause I didn’t tell you.” simply stated Inferno.

Inferno reached into a large pocket inside his coat and from what Sir Gallant could tell he pulled out the cloak. He couldn’t see it of course, because it was invisible, but the way Inferno was gesturing made it look like he had a cloth in his hands. He gestured towards my dragon like he was throwing the cloak over him, and just like THAT the dragon disappeared. But of course Naruto burned it into a crisp. They weren’t surprised. They parked the dragons outside in the pond because dragons can disappear when they touch water.

“Well, that takes care of that, but sorry about your invisibility cloak,” Sir Gallant told Inferno. 

“Don’t worry, I will get a new one at the magic store,” Inferno said back. 

Again Sir Gallant was surprised. “What? You mean anyone can just buy an invisibility cloak?”

“Why yes,” Inferno said. “I mean the technology has been available for years now. Lots of different places sell them. Where have you been that you didn’t know about that?”

“I don’t like shopping,” Sir Gallant grumbled irritably. 

“Sucks to be you,” Inferno laughed. “Now let’s go find Floe.”

There they were at a tennis court? 

“Why are we here at a tennis court?” asked Sir Gallant.

“Because we need to play doubles tennis” simply stated Inferno.

“Ok, let’s play.” Said Inferno while he was warming up.

“Or we could go through this hole that was made by Poseidon like in the fairy tale.” Said sir Gallant while pointing at the hole. 

“Yeah lets go with that” Said Inferno Saying like it was his Idea.

The hole was barely visible because it was behind a big waterfall that came cascading down from the very top of Floe’s castle. They would have to sneak past all the tennis players to get to it and then get past the waterfall without getting crushed by the water. 

“I knew about this but I just forgot about it and it was super long. We should go up the waterfall.” said Inferno

“Ok”said Sir Gallant. “But how are we going to climb a waterfall without drowning, falling, or being seen?”

Inferno’s eyes burned like fire. “Have you forgotten about our dragons? They are strong enough to climb this waterfall  AND since it is made of water, they won’t be seen.” 

“Ok that all sounds great,” said Sir Gallant. “But we will still be seen, won’t we?” Inferno Whistled a loud whistle.

That’s when Eclipse came in and gave inferno 2 Invis cloaks. Inferno said “Thank you!”

“No problem!” Eclipse said. “They were having a big sale on invisibility cloaks at Lightning Stop,” Sir Gallant heard this and shook his head – did everyone know about invisibility cloaks but him? “And plus I owe Inferno a lot of stuff.”mumbled Eclipse. 

“Perks of being a top notch GAH-OD”Sang Inferno quietly.

Eclipse went on his way, and Inferno and Sir Gallant draped themselves in their cloaks so they could go get their dragons. The problem was that when they got back to the pond they couldn’t see them because they were invisible, and the dragons couldn’t see THEM because they had on their cloaks. 

“DUH – we have to take our cloaks off so they can see us,” Sir Gallant said. 

“Of course, I was just about to suggest that when you said it,” Inferno said. 

“Sure.” Said Sir Gallant sarcastically.

Inferno just rolled his eyes, which Sir Gallant couldn’t see because they were still invisible. Just then, though, they took off their cloaks and watched the ripples of water the dragons made as they swam towards them. The ripples stopped just at the shore – the dragons were smart enough to know not to step out of the water so they wouldn’t be seen. 

Just then Inferno pulled a bag of something out of his invisibility cloak. He looked at it and smiled. “Eclipse sure thinks of everything!” he said. Then he showed the bag to Sir Gallant – it was a bag of balloons. 

“What are we supposed to do with balloons?” he asked. 

Inferno took out four balloons and dunked them into the water so that they filled up. Then he stretched the balloons onto the feet of his dragon. “Now when Naruto lifts up out of the water and into the sky, he will still be invisible!” he said. 

“How is it not popping?” said Sir Gallant in confusion. 

“ ‘cause why not,” said Inferno. “After all, this is our story.”

 Sir Gallant was still in confusion but he just let it go.”But won’t the balloons be visible?”

Inferno sighed. “Yes, but balloons floating through the air is not unusual,” he said. 

“Oh yeah, I knew that, I was just checking to make sure you did,” Sir Gallant said.

“Sure,” said Inferno sarcastically. 

And with that, they hopped onto their dragons with their balloon feet, and flew over to the waterfall. 

“So wait a minute,” Sir Gallant said as they were in the air, “If our dragons can fly over to the waterfall, why do they have to climb it? Can’t they just fly over it to the top of the castle?”

“Of course,” Inferno said. “It’s a magical waterfall. You can’t touch the water, you have to go over it. Remember I thought of this.” said Inferno. 

“Let’s go with that.” Sighed Sir Gallant. 

And with that, they flew right up to the top of Floe’s castle. They were so excited to finally be getting on with their plan that they forgot about the water balloons on their dragon’s feet. When they landed, there were eight very loud popping sounds, and they had to tell Naruto and Kakashi to hurry away to hide back in the lake before anyone saw them. 

But Naruto of course didn’t stay there and Floe found him. Kakashi was his brother so he went in to save. AND THE BATTLE BEGINS. DUH DUH DUUUUUUUUN


When Floe found Naruto she immediately threw a rope around his neck and started dragging him to her dungeon. This caused Kakashi to chase after her and shoot flames at her, but because Floe was made of water the flames disappeared as soon as they touched her. But the flames burned the rope. 

“Nooooooo!” Floe shouted as Naruto flew up and away. But that was not the end of things, because Floe was able to shoot a spray of water at Gallant himself but Gallant took a skinny wood and blocked the water. As he jumps he gets this dual sabor. And slices her arms off and wins the battle. On the bright side he got a sweet new weapon. 


by Harish Rajesh, Grade 5