Inferno, the God of Fire and Heat


The Myth of Inferno, the God of Heat

          It all started on Mount Olympus, where Inferno lived with Heptius, Zeus, Apollo, and the rest of his family. There had been talk for some time about how Poseidon was causing trouble on Earth. One day Zeus told Inferno that Poseidon was telling everyone that he was going to make water the strongest power on earth and that all heat would be eliminated, unless someone could beat him in battle. “Which is why I am putting you on a quest,” Zeus said.

          All of a sudden, his father Heptius told him to go to an ancient volcano and jump in. Inferno said he would visit the volcano but would not jump in, however, once he was there he tripped into the volcano anyway. For some reason it felt like he was a god, then Heptius told him that he was actually the god of Heat. Hephaestus said “I can pass down my power of fire to the next one who jumped in the volcano and that was you.”

  Zeus told Inferno to “Go into the labyrinth and go to Poseidon’s base, but I warn you there will be some booby traps.”

          So, Inferno headed down from Mount Olympus towards the underground labyrinth to find Poseidon’s base. Luckily, he found Daedalus. He asked to help him navigate the labyrinth. Daedalus told him to keep on walking forward and as he walked, Daedalus realized he couldn’t go any farther because he was the son of Athena, and Athena and Heptius did not like each other very well.

So, Inferno kept walking and suddenly fell in water; he realized it was bottomless. He was taking a lot of damage; after all, he was the god of heat. He tried to swim up, but the water was making him take so much damage that he couldn’t get up. But then, because he was the heat god, he spread lava to create obsidian below him so he could just step out. He would die if he stayed for 10 more minutes, then he would lose his powers. When it became 1 minute left, he finally got out. Now he was scared to see what came next.

He kept on going forward until what he saw in front of him was the legendary Scylla, the three headed water monster. He thought he met his match. He thought he was doomed!!! Since Scylla couldn’t move he put a fire border right next to her and walked right past. Sadly, he was under the sea of monsters and he met the legendary Charybdis. Inferno went inside Charybdis’s tummy and burned a hole to get out to the other side. Now he would go to Poseidon and fight him.

Inferno found Poseidon at his golden castle under the sea. He was busy making tidal waves that were crashing onto the shore of Italy. Because he was so busy, he did not see Inferno sneak up behind him with his axe.

Then he shouted “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH” and hit Poseidon on the foot. He saw the trident and remembered that one strike could change Poseidon from bad to good. But sadly, it was in Poseidon’s hand. Inferno needed to get it from his hand. He needed options. Inferno was fighting for his life and thinking at the same time.

Inferno noticed how much Poseidon was shaking the ground as he made tidal waves. His nickname was “the earth-shaker,” after all. Each time he did this the trident shook in his hand as if he might drop it. So, Inferno waited until the next time Poseidon was about to strike the ground and right when he did, Inferno kicked the bottom of the trident and it fell out of Poseidon’s hand and towards the ground.

Inferno knew when the trident fell there would be massive damage, so just in time he caught it and hit Poseidon with it. He had to do it fast because the trident was made of water; it almost burned his hand off. But he did it.

He had won, so he brought Poseidon back to Mount Olympus and Zeus rewarded him. But before that, they needed to stop the tidal waves. Zeus told some of the other gods to take care of that.

Then Zeus said, “Congratulations, you won. This is a gift of victory, this fire axe that increases your powers to the max.” Inferno said, “Thank you, I shall name this axe of fire Frax.” And every god that was there clapped.  

  • by Haresh, grade 5